Miley Life Lesson of the Day – IT’S NOT OKAY TO PEE IN THE BED

When I went in Miley’s room this morning to wake her up, she was already awake and had a surprise for mommy. She had her diaper off (hidden under her pillow) and had peed in her bed. She looked so stunned that mommy wasn’t happy. She thought she did something good. I cleaned. She watched. After I got I her dressed, I sat down in her room for the “no pee pee in bed talk”. I recorded it because I’m a mom and record almost everything my kids do. Who knew it would end up being so darn cute that I’d have to share it with the world?!

She didn’t know why she peed in the bed, she didn’t know if it was okay, she acknowledged it was a bad idea, and she agreed not to do it again. We came to a conclusion with an “I love you”. Here’s to hoping this doesn’t happen again!


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