You can call her, Angry Baby.

You can call her, Angry Baby.

Kids will be kids. And when kids are quiet, you always worry and immediately go check on them. Because silence with a seven year old and a almost-two year old, is ominous. Frightening. Unnatural.

On any other normal day this wonderful child would be called Miley, or sometimes even Smiley Miley. But today my friends, after silence, a marker in a guilty hand and laughter after caught, this is Angry Baby. However, she looks more like she’s laughing evilly as if she has some sort of evil plan. Which she probably does have some evil scheme planned to make me go “WHY!!!” Either way, this is priceless.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend! Tomorrow will be the eve of the first day back to school for us. Bittersweet and exciting! 🙂


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