Back to school, work, and potty training – OH MY!

ImageLittle Smiley Miley is on the road of potty training.  In her hands are big girl panties to hopefully, fingers crossed, motivate her use the potty.  My theory is, if she has a diaper on she will think it’s okay to pee in it. But if she has on big girl panties, she will know she can’t pee in them.  So far we’re good.  As soon as we got home she had to put them on. She peed in the potty and is so proud of herself. She tells everyone she sees that she has on “anties”.

So, here’s to hoping and praying this goes well.  No more diapers would be really swell. ImageAnd this little sweetie starts 2nd grade tomorrow!  It’s crazy how fast time flies by.  She’s going to rock the halls of 2nd grade.  I am lucky and get to work at the school with her.  It’s nice because not only do I get to be involved AND work, she also knows “momma sheriff” is there and she better act right! Nah, she’s a good kid and never gets in trouble.  Well, maybe for talking too much.  What can I say?  She gets that honestly!

I start college back tomorrow too.  Tomorrow is just a big day for all of us.  So, if I’m MIA from social media this week, that’s why.

I hope all of you have a GREAT week!


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