We survived!

ImageFirst day back to the babysitter for little Smiley Miley and first day in 2nd grade for Emily Grace.  Miley screamed when I dropped her off, but was fine five minutes after I left and had a great rest of the day. Emily had a WONDERFUL day.  Those were her exact words.  She said she couldn’t stop hugging her teacher.  Makes me happy, 🙂

My first day back to work and college?  Well. I’m surviving. My day at work was good until a hectic bus duty, but that will all get better with time.  The first day is always the worst.  College?  Eh.  It’s college and graduate classes so you can only expect lots of reading, writing, and assignments.  No surprise, just kind of sucks to have to get back into the routine.

This is a short post tonight, guys.  Just wanted to let you know I’m alive and survived the first day back to school, work, and college! 🙂

Have a lovely week!

P.S.  Have you seen the new look of my blog?!  I have an amazing friend and blogger to thank for that!  THANK YOU, ALYSON!!! YOU ROCK!!! And all of you should go check out her lovely blog, http://www.vintagesunshine.com



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