InstaFriday – Why do short weeks always feel longer?

So, this week we were out Monday for Labor day.  Even though I only had to work four days, it felt like ten.  No joke.  But, I can’t complain because I have a job and LOVE it.  So, even though the week seemed longer, it was a GOOD week!

ImageHere’s my Miley boo-boo today.  She is sporting a “W” for the Warren Lumberjacks (our Highschool team).  She woke up grouchy and I thought by the time I got to the babysitter to pick her up after work, the babysitter would be bald from pulling her hair out.  BUT, Miley was a good girl and didn’t stress Mrs. Mandy out.  Whew!

ImageEmily Grace had a dentist appointment this week.  She had to get a cap on a tooth since she likes candy too much.  I know, I know, it’s my fault for letting her eat it, but I swear it’s not all the time and she brushes her teeth!  I think she’s just cavity prone since this is her sixth and she does a good job taking care of her teeth.  Even though I know we do a good job making sure she brushes good and doesn’t go over board on candy, I’m sure the dentist doesn’t think I should get the mom of the year award. Ha.

ImageIn the pic of Em in the dentist chair, did you notice the side pony tale? Yeah well, that got cut off today.  She’s been dying to get her hair cut short so she got it done today.  Notice her Warren Lumberjack cheerleader outfit?  Yeah, we like football.  Plus, in a small town, the home team is sort of a big deal.  Anyway, ain’t she cute?!  🙂

ImageAnd the highlight of me week? Well, it’s right there in that beautiful photo above these words.  My hubby brought me lunch today since he knew I’d be too busy on my lunch break to sit down and eat.  He even brought it when he knew I’d be covering in the nurses station and could eat it.  And dangit if it wasn’t my two fave things! Pasta and Coke! Yup, he adores me. 🙂

So, how was YOUR week?!  Tell me all about it!! 🙂

Have a great weekend!

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