InstaFriday is InstaSunday today.

Last week was insanely busy.  Like, WTF when did my life turn into, run like a chicken with my head cut off to get EVERYTHING done, eat, sleep, repeat?!  Do you ever feel that way sometimes?  Last week was worse than most and this coming week will be worse than that.  But, I’m not complaining.  Being busy with the things I’m busy with, is good.  I’m just tired and being busy is the reason that there was no activity on my blog last week.  But, alas, here I am with a late InstaFriday post that I now dub as InstaSunday.  I’ll try to do better next week. 🙂  Oh, and be sure to check out the blog tomorrow!  I’m participating in a cover reveal for the author Susan Griscom.  🙂

The biggest most newest thing with the Daniell household is the baby crib going bye-bye.  I had a teary eyed moment where my husband laughed at me, but I don’t care.  Miley is the baby, and now she’s in a toddler bed.  Mom’s you feel me?  You know just HOW HARD this is!  Then Emily didn’t help when she said, “Awww, look! Now she can get out of bed whenever she wants!”  Oh #$%! moment for sure.  I mean, I knew that, but then when Emily said it, it like became reality or something.  She won’t be saying, “Mooooommmmmaaaaaa, I wake!” from her crib where I get to walk in there and get her out.  Now, she’ll just come to my bed side, smacking me in the face asking for “oot nacks” (translation: Fruit Snacks).  I swear, that kid loves those things so much she’s going to turn into one.

ImageImageDid those two images not make you as sad as they made me??  Well, if not, then try this next one:


So, now my baby isn’t so much a baby anymore.  I mean, she will ALWAYS be my baby, but you get what I mean. 

Now I’m all teary eyed again.  Dangit. 

Have a great week, folks! 🙂



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