Miley turned 2! (Well, technically she does on the 24th)

So, today was Miley’s 2nd birthday party.  I’m happy and sad.  Happy because my healthy, beautiful blue-eyed girl, is growing up into an awesome girl but also sad for the same reason.  Time goes way too fast.  Sometimes I wonder, with all the technology we have, why someone hasn’t invented a button that can pause time for just a little bit.  If it ever is invented, I bet it’s a mom who does it.  Where did my little newborn go?!  Here are some pics from the party:



Here’s her cake.  Is that not the cutest thing?!  And it was SO tasty.


Miley was more interested the paper than the presents!  Once she realized there were toys in the bags, the paper was old news! 


Miley with her cake and my husbands awesome t-shirt. Haha.


Miley had no clue how to blow out the candles.  She would blow but not get close enough to do it.  Emily ended up blowing them out for her. Ha!


And at the end of the day, she LOVED everything about her 2nd birthday party!  Silly girl!


I hope all of you have had a GREAT weekend! I know we sure have! 🙂


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