InstaLATEFriday Post

Soooo, sorry for the late post. Again. Not much happened this week. Take that back.  A lot happened.  MAP testing started at work, which keeps me mucho busy. It was homecoming week so Emily had to wear pjs to school, wear a crazy hairdo, wear favorite sports team shirt, and dress in Orange and black to support the lumberjacks.  I became the proud owner of a galaxy s4 active, apple laptop, and was able to complete all of my homework because of the new laptop! Happy camper is me, indeed. So very busy, but great, week.


Here’s my Em on Orange and black day.  My little cheerleader. Love her so.


Here’s my smiley Miley not wanting to take a pic in her Orange and black.  She was too busy wanting to get in the dirt.  Cutie patootie.


Here’s my beautiful Mac. She’s used and old but runs great. I was able to complete homework with ease. None of the dreaded “internet explorer isn’t responding” message I was getting on my Toshiba in a annoyingly excessive way.


And here’s my buddy huffing at me while I was getting homework done. Her, the kids, and the hubs can’t wait for me to be done with school.  They have no idea how ready I am too.

That sums up my week. Short but sweet post. Hope all of you are having a great weekend! Woo pig sooie and go Pack go!

Night, folks.



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