Daugther of a Monarch TEASER

They kept me in the dark of who I really am. Who mom really is. And they expect me to go on living life here in Terre knowing the truth as if I never found out the way things truly are? Knowing that Fae blood runs through my veins, knowing I have a family in another world that doesn’t get to know me because it’s not “safe”? Just how un-safe could it really be? They won’t tell me. No one will. Maybe it’s not that it’s un-safe, but that it’s risky. Risky because of this Cohen guy, maybe? Risky because… who knows.

Mom and dad think they know me. They wouldn’t be wrong thinking I’m the girl that follows the rules and does everything to please them. But that’s not who I am anymore. Not after they let the cat out of the bag. Everything about me changed in the instant they revealed the truth. The truth dug deep down and rattled everything I thought I knew about myself. I feel foreign in my own body.

I have a family in Gaia. A grandmother, a uncle, a aunt. How dare them keep this from me! I finish packing my bag, zip it shut and put the straps over my shoulders. 

Maybe I’m wrong, but right now, I’m willing to risk it all to get to know the other half of me. The half of me I didn’t even know existed. I’ll ask for forgiveness later. 

I close my eyes and take a deep breath. When I feel the difference in temperature, I open my eyes and look around.
The tree branches sway in the wind, moving the cool breeze through my hair. 

Hello, Gaia. It’s time we get to know one another. 



Teaser from Daughter of a Monarch: The Story of Princess Aislin Denton

(Spin off novel from the Holly Nather Trilogy in Luke and Holly’s daughter’s point of view)


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