5 Days in Riverbend: Meet Reese Johnson


Name: Reese Johnson

Age: 17

Parents:  Mayor Johnson & Jamie Johnson

5 Words to describe her:  Innocent, sweet, artsy, lonely, sheltered.

Reese Johnson lost her mother when she was a child.  She was pulled from Riverbend Elementary and home-schooled from then on. Mayor Johnson had to protect her and in order to protect her, he had to hide her from the world.  She wasn’t allowed to leave the house. Ever.  But when her father goes missing, she’s thrown into a foster home and into Riverbend High where she’s treated horribly by the other students.  They don’t get her.  In fact, they are scared of her.  The town holds her responsible for her mother’s death and her father’s disappearance.  What other reason could there be that she was left untouched and unharmed?  She had to be the one responsible, right?

She is thrown into the home of the Satterly’s.  She’s overwhelmed by the love and compassion Johanna and Rick Satterly show her, but is confused by the cold shoulder their son Havock gives her.  Their other son Garrett, however, is kind and welcoming. Too welcoming. Forming a relationship with this family isn’t easy for her, but this very family will be the one who saves her from the darkness that threatens her.


Sneak peak of Collide: Riverbend Series Book#1

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you,” she said quietly.

“Whatever,” I mumbled.

She sighed. “Do you need anything?”


“Damn.  That bad, lil’ bro?” Garrett seemed concerned.  I figured it was just a show for Reese.

“Worse,” I groaned.

“Well, I guess we could continue the Clue game,” Reese mumbled.

I wanted to laugh, but if I did, I was risking throwing up from the movement. “Just make it quick and not painful.”

Reese smirked a little. “I’ll go do some research now,” she said as she left the room.



Collide: Riverbend Series Book #1


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