5 Days in Riverbend: Meet the Satterly’s


Meet the Satterly’s!

Rick:  Age 48, loan officer at a local bank, father of Garrett and Havock.  He is a quiet guy who let’s Johanna call the shots.  Him and Havock don’t see eye to eye and don’t get along most of the time.

Johanna:  Age 46, case worker for DHS, mother of Garrett and Havock.  She’s the heart of Riverbend and everyone refers to her as “The Betty Crocker of the town”.  She is a very compassionate person.  She wants to help everyone, which she does.  But you don’t want to get on her bad side.  You mess with her family, and she’ll become your worst nightmare.

Garrett:  Age 18, senior in high school, son of Johanna and Rick.  Football player, Mr. Popular, and very kind.  He has plans of attending Florida State playing as a wide receiver for the Gators.

Havock: Age 17, would be a junior but he skipped a grade because he is extremely intelligent, son of Johanna and Rick.  A loner, has one friend, Jude, and smokes like freight train.  He could care less about anything except himself.  A couple years ago he got in trouble messing with drugs and alcohol, but he went to rehab over a summer and got better.  He has a lip ring and a tattoo on his left shoulder. His plans after school are to travel while trying to survive by working odd end jobs wherever he goes.


Sneak peak from Collide: Riverbend Series Book #1  

I smiled inwardly as I caught a glimpse of her ass as she walked out of the kitchen. Dad gave me a warning glare. I smiled back at him. Looking wasn’t hurting anything. And if I was going to go along with all this I’d have fun while doing it.

Garrett must have got the same view by the expression on his face. He gave me an approving nod.  I laughed.

Mom looked confused. “Did I miss something?”

“Need help cleaning the kitchen?” Dad asked, quickly changing the subject.

Mom nodded as tears filled her eyes. “Could you please act like I raised you right while she’s with us?” She said to me. “She needs normal right now.”

“Normal? Not sure if she even knows what normal is, mom,” I scoffed. Could this get any stupider?

“Just try to make this easier on her. Please.” She begged.

I groaned and nodded slightly.

Mom smiled. “Not the enthusiastic response I’d like, but I’ll take it.” She stood, grabbing a few plates and headed towards the sink. Dad followed after her.

“At least she’s not ugly,” Garrett snickered as we headed to the living room. No she wasn’t.  She was so damn gorgeous, and it annoyed the hell out of me because I knew I couldn’t touch her.  Ever.

I heard soft footsteps on the stairs and looked to see Reese coming down. She went into the dinning room and grabbed the rest of the dishes then headed into the kitchen.


Collide:  Riverbend Series Book #1



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