5 Days in Riverbend: Meet Selena Nixon & Jude Wiley


Selena Nixon:  Age 18, senior in high school, pot head, failing almost everything.  She’d be lucky to graduate.  She’s a loner except when it comes to sex and drugs.  She’d do anything to get either of the two.  She doesn’t have any friends, but the closest two she has to friends, are Havock and Jude.  She’s the mouth of the school, meaning she’ll blurt out anything and everyone’s business.  She simply just doesn’t care.

Jude Wiley:  Age 18, senior in high school, Havock’s best and only friend.  Parties on the weekends and stays stoned most of the time.  Very nice guy, but like Havock, would rather just be left alone.  Does well in school, but has no plans after graduation.  He swears he’ll die a lonely and broke man in Riverbend but promises that he’s perfectly fine with that.


Sneak Peak of Collide: Riverbend Series Book#1

Headlights appeared at the end of the road, and Jude laughed as he flicked ashes.  “You two may want to leave.”

Reese put her phone in her pocket and looked at me. “What’s wrong?”

Jude laughed again when the car stopped in front of his house.

Oh shit. Selena. I stepped away from Reese because she’s was the mouth of the school. She’d have it out before morning that we were together.

She walked up to me and slapped me on the ass then walked over to Jude and put her mouth to his as she stuck her hands down his pants.

Jude moved her away, but not too far away. “Selena, this is Reese.”

Selena smiled kindly then pulled a joint from her pocket and lit it. She walked up to Reese and blew the smoke right in her face.

“Did you come to join us?” She asked as she made rings with the smoke.

“No. We were just leaving. See you guys at school Monday,” I said quickly.


Collide:  Riverbend Series Book #1



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