Soapbox Wednesday. Yeah I said it.

I’m on one this morning.  I’ve seen more stuff on Facebook about this Natalie Grant uproar as well as Good Luck Charlie uproar over the Grammy’s and Homosexual community. I normally don’t post my opinion on matters such as these but like I said, I’m on one.  So, allow me to practice my right of Freedom of Speech while I step onto my soapbox this morning.


Natalie Grant.  I love her.  Always have and always will.  Her music and talent has been a huge part of my life.  When I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, her music inspired me to live better and kept me motivated daily as a Christian.


But, here is my issue with the whole deal with her walking out of the Grammys.  It was HER RIGHT to leave.  We all know that.  If she didn’t agree with things, fine.  Leave.  Whatever.  But the problem I have with it is when she PUBLICLY POSTED TO FACEBOOK that she did, indeed, leave.  She didn’t have to say any hateful words about what she agreed or disagreed with. Her leaving, her posting to Facebook, THOSE ACTIONS spoke for themselves. She didn’t have to say anything for the World to get the message. 


How many years have the Grammys been on?  Hasn’t there always been something offensive on them?  I mean COME ON! GIVE ME A BREAK!  Why did she even go in the first place if she knew the environment would not be to her liking? 


I’ve seen more and more posts about how Christian’s need to stand up.  That we’ve been quiet for too long. . .


 *smacks self on forehead*


Okay. Yes, we are to preach the Gospel but that has nothing to do with telling people their wrong doings.  I truly believe that the people know when they are doing things other people will not agree with.  Take the Homosexual community as an example.  I am sure they know the Biblical principles America was founded on because look at the opposition they have received in order to LEGALLY marry the same sex.  They know Christian’s don’t agree.  This isn’t new to them.  But you better believe I would not be found screaming at the top of my lungs it’s wrong to them.  I believe Christian’s should let God do the convicting.  It is not our job to neither judge nor condemn anyone to Hell.  It is our job to LOVE everyone!  Damn right, I support equality.  Why would I oppose it?!  That would be preaching hate, in my opinion.  I agree and disagree on a lot of things.  We all do.  But until our lives are stain free, who are we to point fingers and tell someone they are wrong for living their lives the way they are?! 


And the Good Luck Charlie show allowing a same sex couple on the show. . .  I will still let my children watch the show.  Why?  Because I will explain to them what we believe but one day they are going to have to interact in a world of many differences.  I want them to learn LOVE not HATE.  I want to teach them that just because we don’t agree with something does not mean we shun them like the plague!  They are people for goodness sakes!  Imagine a world where we all just love each other?  We accept people for who they are and just LOVE.  Get busy living life the way you see fit and stop trying to tell others how to live.  We will all never agree on everything.  That is true.  But like I said, let’s LOVE and agree to disagree instead of making people feel worthless.


Oh geez.  Stepping off the soap box.  I gotta go to work.


I’m out.


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