One of the most important things about being a Parent – Being THE Example

I can’t sleep tonight.  But as I watch my daughters sleep, It has me thinking. . .

I am constantly speaking positively about my daughters, to my daughters.  I’m always telling them how beautiful they are.  How proud I am of them.  I’m always telling them to be confident in themselves without being snobs and don’t listen to the negative judgement of others.  And to surround themselves with people who are honest with them in a loving way that builds them up instead of bringing them down.  

But. . . while I’m speaking all of this to them, am I being the example?  Am I confident in myself without being overly confident?  Am I constantly getting upset when others put me down and quitting things because someone told me I couldn’t?  Am I living out my dreams that I so often tell them they should do?  

I think so many times we have all of these big dreams but we allow ourselves to be limited in which dreams we will actually allow ourselves to make come true based off the opinions of others.  We are confident in ourselves until someone puts us down.  We like to dream about living outside the box, and truly believe we CAN DO IT, but we never do because we are so scared of the opinions of people we surround ourselves with.  WHY DO WE DO THAT?  

I can tell my daughters all day, every day, to dream big, live out their dreams, be confident, that they are beautiful, but if they are watching me not doing as I say, how can I expect them to?  

As a mother, I’m not only their mother, friend, chauffeur, cheerleader, teacher, doctor, personal chef…I’m their role model whether they say it or not.  They are watching ME to learn how they should be.  How I live now will forever shape who they are.  

I will teach them to dream big and to go after those dreams running full force and learning from the bumps along the way.  I will teach them that they must love themselves in order to love others.  To be comfortable in their own skin.  I want them to understand how important it is to love God.  To keep Him at the center of everything they do.  I want them to always know that their father and I are on their side and that our love is unconditional.  

Being THE example wasn’t meant to be an easy job.  But by being the example I can be a better me and make a difference in two precious little girls lives. 


I will live outside of the box for my daughters.  I will show them how beautiful life is and that they area capable of anything they set their brilliant minds to.  


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