Review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids 7.0 (Wi-Fi) – Kids Tablet

We just recently purchased a Nabi 2 for our toddler.  She is 2 going on 3 and is always trying to take the iPad from her older sister.  I could just make them share, but we all know that sometimes we give in just to get peace.  So, we caved, loaded up into the Expedition and went to Best Buy – desperate for relief of the constant MY iPAD, NO MY iPAD, battle.

We went in and spoke with a very kind sales guy.  He did his little sales pitch which included banging the Nabi 2 around on the floors, walls, counter. . .  I already knew it was durable but it was funny to watch him proudly beat the thing around.  We patiently let him have his fun then told him we’d purchase it.

And this is the Nabi 2:  Cost $179.00


Don’t get me wrong. The thing is great.  It’s just VERY limited and while you’re thinking, “It should be! It’s for a toddler!”, keep in mind that it won’t really grow with your child like they claim it will.  We wanted Miley to be able to use YouTube to watch episodes of Dora, Doc McStuffins, and all of her other favorite disney shows. You CAN’T get YouTube on a Nabi 2. But you CAN download movies on it, and episodes but it’s like jumping through a million hoops and by the time you finally figure it out, you’re bald from frustration. And the episodes cost money.  They are FREE on YouTube. Needless to say, we returned it.

And got this. . . the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kds 7.0 (Wi-Fi) – Kids Tablet


And we LOVE it.  Not only can you put an app on it for YouTube that you get to set controls for, you can even put google chrome on it that you can monitor.  You can EVEN set TIME LIMITS on the thing!  Say you only want your child to spend 10 minutes on it, you can do that!  It shuts off and won’t let them turn it back on without YOUR PASSWORD!  It also has mommy/daddy mode where you can use the tablet as a normal tablet and not in kids mode.  So it’s fun for the whole family.  And no more fighting over the iPAD.  It’s great. And the price isn’t too bad.  It cost us $199.00 at BestBuy.  A lot cheaper than the iPad Mini and a lot cooler in my opinion.  I love that I have so much control over what she’s doing.  I’m seriously considering selling the iPad and getting my oldest one of these just because of the level of parental control I have on it.

So that’s my review.  We love it. If you’ve been trying to decide whether or not to let your little bundle of joy(s) get a tablet, this is one to really consider!

Miley Approval of Tab


2 thoughts on “Review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids 7.0 (Wi-Fi) – Kids Tablet

  1. I LOVE me some parental controls! Love love love! We just got a new tablet too, and i have no idea what kind it is. And, it’s sitting in the closet. lol. Great info though to know about these. I think it’s important for something that costs so much to be able to grow with your child, smart move on your part- taking it back!

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