, I love you.

Okay, so before you judge and talk about how lazy and spoiled I am, keep in mind that I actually saved money.  This wasn’t crazy expensive and let’s be honest, we aren’t chomping at the bits to take our kids into the grocery store with us.  There are times when my two act wonderful and I actually think I could take them to the grocery store again, but that’s until I take them again and spend the whole trip saying,

“No! Put that back!  You can’t open that yet!  How did this get in the cart?!  Stop crying!  You’re not getting that.  If you act good MAYBE you’ll get something.  You either have to sit in the cart or walk beside me, you can’t run around!  Where did Miley go?!”

You get it.  You’re a mom or you aren’t but you’ve seen parents with their kids in stores.  It’s not pretty.

So, here’s how all this went down.

I was talking to my brother, whining about having to go to the grocery store.  I made the comment that I wished someone would deliver groceries.  That’s when he blew my mind.

“Umm, Sara?”





“Am I supposed to know what that is?”

“You own a computer, right?”

“Shut up.”

“They deliver groceries.”

“SHUT. UP?!”

He laughs.  “Yes.”

Mind blown. Mind freakin’ blown.

So, my kids were napping, my hubby and I pulled up the site and we shopped.  In our living room.  WHILE THE KIDS NAPPED.  I got out my list, added the groceries to my cart (which is on the side bar so you can monitor how much you’re spending), picked a delivery date and time, and put in my debit card info.  It was SO easy.  Like, TOO easy.  And I didn’t have to worry about impulse shopping.  I just got what I needed.  You can use coupons, you have organic options, grass fed options, and more.  They have paper products, laundry detergent and EVERYTHING.  Mind blowing stuff, people.


I admit.  I was a little worried that the quality of stuff like produce would be disappointing.  But, I wouldn’t know until I tried, right?  Right.  I got a text notifying me that they were on their way and a text telling me when they arrived.  They unloaded everything into my kitchen and were VERY friendly.  I was even more impressed when I started looking at the groceries and everything was so fresh.


Listen closely.

If they offer it in your area, do it.  You’re not a spoiled brat or lazy.  You’re a busy person who deserves to let someone else do the hassle of shopping for you.  You’ll actually save money.  And there’s even an app for it.  You can shop on the go.


A very happy peapod customer. 🙂


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