That thing(s) that really gets your goat.

Is there something that bothers you to the point of no return?  Like you just might lose your cool if you hear it, see it, smell it one more time?!

There are two things I truly cannot stand.

1.)  Smacking.

2.)  Bad customer service.

First of all, smacking is gross.  No one wants to hear you loudly chomp your food prior to swallowing.  This applies to gum or anything that you put in your mouth. Obnoxious noises should not accompany you eating.  I understand that peanut butter and more sticky food sometimes requires extra work, but take smaller bites and get a larger glass of milk!  Or just eat that stuff alone.  Seriously.  My family knows how bad I can’t stand this and sometimes they’ll do it on purpose to be funny.  It’s not funny!  The only time it’s okay is if you’re a baby sucking on a bottle, a toddler who doesn’t understand the concept of “chewing with your mouth closed”, or you are old and have dentures or no teeth at all.  If those three things don’t apply to you, then you should not smack.  Bottom line.


And then there’s bad customer service.  There is nothing worse than paying for something, using your hard earned money to make a purchase, and someone who gets paid to HELP you make that purchase or service your purchase such as a cell phone bill is rude beyond belief.  I know working isn’t fun.  But paying your bills, eating, and keeping your job is pretty damn important.  I get that working the fast food window sucks, but customers are who keep that place you HATE running.  If you treat others poorly, chances are you will either hate your job worse because you will have angry customers that you now have to deal with, lose your job, or make such a bad name for a business that you cause it to lose money.  There are places I refuse to go in that have great products just because their customer service sucks.  I bet I can get a lot of AMEN’S on this.  Just be nice employees everywhere. Please.  Because one bad experience can cost the place you work for a lot of potential business.  People will voice their opinion about a bad experience before they voice a positive one.



So, those are the two things that erk me, chap my hide, get my goat.  What is something that bothers you beyond belief?



2 thoughts on “That thing(s) that really gets your goat.

  1. This cracks me up. Those are two of mine for sure. Another is when people don’t pay attention when you’re speaking to them. There is nothing worse than having to answer the same questions over and over.

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