5 Things I said I Wouldn’t do as an Adult – And did.

When we were kids, we all vow to never do things when we get older. Whether it be acting like your parents, eating onions, marry before finishing college, we all uttered the words, “When I grow up I will never [fill in blank].”

But as we grow up. We do just that: Grow up. We shutter at the words “I told you so” and laugh at the things we do that we said we’d never ever ever ever ever do.

5 things I vowed never to do:

1.) When I grow up, I will NEVER like onions. Even if my mom says my taste buds will change, she’s WRONG. Those things are from the devil himself. They make you cry, taste like a chemical that could kill a horse, and smell weird.

no onions

As a 29 year old adult, I love onions. Anyway you serve em’ up, I’m gonna eat them. I love the way they smell, I laugh when they make me cry, and they are part of my grocery shopping list.

2.)  When I grow up, I will go to college and graduate with a degree in something and have a good job before I get married.  

no marriage

And that is so far from  the reality of what happened.  I got married after I graduated high school and 11 years later, am still married.  I had kids while I went to college, too.  I JUST graduated with my Masters of Arts in Teaching Special Education THIS year!  

3.)  When I grow up, I won’t yell at my kids.  I will be a cool mom!

cool mom


HA.  A big fat, HA! And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.  You other mom’s can understand why I have no need to elaborate on how wrong I was about this one.

4.)  When I grow up, I will never stop loving Hanson!  They are the coolest band in the entire universe, and I’m going to marry Zac Hanson! 


Ummm… what were the words to Mmmbop again?  You know, the ones I vowed to never ever ever ever forget?  

5.)  When I grow up, I won’t be a boring adult!  Why does one like to just relax?  I’ll always be on the go, doing something fun! Screw this peace and quiet nonsense.  


And I’m busy alright.  But I never realized how perfect relaxing moments of peace and quiet are until I became an adult.  When I was younger I couldn’t stand to be sitting around doing nothing, now I crave those moments.  

That’s my five things I said I’d never do when I grew up.  What are some of yours?  




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