Mom Struggles #34235487 – AT&T Customer Service call with kids.

Doing any simple task becomes difficult when doing it with kids.  Be honest.  It does!  We can’t even pee alone.  This is what happened to me today while on the phone with AT&T.  It was a call that should have lasted maybe 10-15 minutes but was 43 minutes long!

Here’s what happened;

1.)    Have to ask AT&T customer service to hold because music starts blaring and the kids are playing with the demo mode on the keyboard.  You get them to turn it off and fix them a snack to entertain them while you finish the call.

2.)    AT&T customer service asks you to hold so you take the time to go see why your kids are so quiet.  Now you’re asking the customer service agent to hold while you try to understand why your kids and HOW your kids were able to get animal crackers w/ frosting in one another’s hair and they’re both crying pointing fingers. 

3.)    Finally get back on the phone to ask your question, but forgot your question because you’re trying desperately to still comprehend what your kids just did so you spend a few minutes trying to remember and when you finally do, you have to put the agent back on hold because your toddler is telling you that the cat pooped in the litter box REALLY loud. 

4.)    You continue to keep the agent on hold because your two year old refused to stop yelling “POOP STIIIIIIINKS!” over and over. 

5.)    You ask your eight year old to clean out the litter box so you can finish the call and make your toddler stop yelling about poop so you can ask the agent your question about your bill that you forgot.  Again.

6.)    You walk into the living room where it’ll be quiet (or hope it will) and remember the question.  You ask it only to put the agent on hold yet again because you feel something wet hit the back of your leg.  You’ve just been dripped on by the toilet brush your toddler is twirling around.

7.)    You tell the agent you’ll just call back.  You give up.  But the agent doesn’t give up.  They say they were resolving question while you had them on hold.  You love them dearly for being diligent and patient.

8.)    They put you on hold to fix the problem and you take that as an opportunity to put the toilet brush back and scrub every inch where little droplets of toilet water may be, including your toddler’s entire body and your leg. 

9.)    The agent comes back on so you tell your kids to stay in their room and watch cartoons until the phone call is over.  Yeah right.

10.) The agent starts explaining the issue in further detail and how they fixed it but you have to put them on hold because your oldest child spilled milk in the kitchen floor.  But they were supposed to be in their room?!

11.)  You tell the agent you’re back and clean up the spill while they talk.  You hear nothing because now that your toddler has heard the mention of milk, she wants a drink and won’t stop asking for it, yelling for it, until you get her sippy cup. 

12.) You ask the agent to repeat that after you finally get your toddler a drink.

13.) You realize you forgot to finish cleaning up the spill in the kitchen so you just heard nothing the agent just said.

14.)  You ask if they can repeat themselves yet again, while you finish cleaning.

15.)  The agent hangs up on you and you wonder if the bill issue was really resolved ,but at this point, you don’t EVEN care. 



2 thoughts on “Mom Struggles #34235487 – AT&T Customer Service call with kids.

  1. My husband had a similar experience a couple of weeks ago when he was on the phone with our gas company! The boy was upset and there was nothing I could do to intervene that would make him quieter. He would only scream louder – so I just laughed!

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