With the new year comes a lot of new changes. The Riverbend Series was in a need of a make-over. And by that I mean, Collide and Desolate will now be combined into one novel while keeping the title: Collide.

It will also only be available in eBook format on Amazon for a while. When it is available in print and in other book stores, J.L. Hackett and I will notify you via newsletter and social media sites.

What does this mean for your old version of Collide and Desolate? Not much, except a beautiful new cover and that the two stories are now combined in one full length novel. The next book, in Garrett and Janet’s point of view, will still release this year and pick up where the story left off. We will keep you updated on that release as we know more.

With this change, comes a new cover.

So, drum roll please. . . here is the new cover for Collide: A Riverbend Novel Part One!

collide for amazon

(The updates for this novel on Amazon should take place within the next 24 -48 hours.)


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