Broken Crayons Still Color

Sometimes I see an image or hear a song and my mind spirals into deep thoughts about life, parts of my past or hopes for my future. And when I can’t get my brain to shut up, I write. Most of the time I don’t write those thoughts for others to see, just for me. Have you ever written something down with all of your feels and you just felt better? If you haven’t, try it. It helps. Most of the time, I’ll delete what I wrote because I just want to move on. But sometimes, I save it for later because I like to go back and see where I was emotionally and how I overcame something. Sometimes the things I bleed onto paper need to be there to remind me of what I’m not or who I want to be.

Words are so powerful, aren’t they?

When I saw this statement I just had to stop for a second. Think about this. Like seriously think about this statement. Break those four simple words down and meditate on them.

Broken crayons still color.

I’m a pre-k teacher and have a million broken crayons in my classroom. Do I throw them out? Heck no! I keep them and guess what? The kids create art with them!

We are all broken from things. We’ve all been hurt. We’ve all felt like we aren’t good enough (and were probably even told that on occasion). But remember, broken crayons still color. Go create some art! You’re freakin’ awesome!



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