An Unfortunate Journey – Ebook SALE!

I know my blogging skills suck hardcore and you would think I’d be better since I am a writer and all, but ya know. . . Okay, I have no good explanation except that I’m lazy.

There I said it.

Lazy with a big ol’ L.

And then when I’m not lazy, and I think I might write a blog post, I don’t.  Why?  Because then I’m writing books which is pretty important and stuff.  But, I also think, who wants to hear from me?  Does anyone actually read this blog?

BUT, I have a good reason to blog!  Why you ask?  BECAUSE!  An Unfortunate Journey is going on SALE for the very first time EVER.  The ebook is priced at $3.99 right now, but with the sale, it will go down to .99 cents!  SAY WHAT?  Awesome, right?

So, tell your mom, kids, friends, cousins, people at the grocery store, hell, just tell EVERY-FREAKIN-BODY!   I’ll be forever grateful.

Remember this date:

OCTOBER 8th, 2015

THIS Thursday, you can snag an ebook copy of An Unfortunate Journey and dive into the epic world of Orion Draper!

See you the next time I blog (which will be a billion light-years from now). 😉


.99 cents ebook on 10/8/15


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