“The Death of Me” – Preview

I am so SUPER excited to be a part of A Winter’s Romance Anthology!




When winter and romance collide, they create an unpredictable force. Whether a raging storm outside or within our hearts, a touch of romance can be found in the most unlikely of places. Join us in this eclectic exploration of winter romance that includes happily ever afters, wicked seductions, atmospheric attractions, and deadly deceptions. Featuring nineteen short stories from bestselling authors as well as talented new writers, you’ll never view romance the same.

AND what makes this book even more awesome than it already is, is the fact that with every purchase $1.00 from the sale of each print book and .50 from each eBook will benefit Forgotten Harvest, which has been feeding the hungry of metro Detroit for 25 years.


Preview of my story, The Death of Me:

    Moving was the easy part.  I did it all the time.  Here one day, gone the next… It was the life of the daughter of a Marine.  

    The hard part was moving back to the one place I had hoped I’d never return to.  The knife wounds in my back still burned like salt on a fresh wound.  People hurt me here.   And worse, I hurt people here.  Bartow, Georgia was a mistake.

    Inhale.  Exhale.  You can do this, Kit.

    Did it really have to be the same house and everything, though?  I sighed heavily, taking in the familiar old blue farmhouse.  Same loose shingles on the left side of the roof.  Same hanging gutter around the raggedy porch.  The only thing different was experiencing the scene before me in the dead of winter.  I was thankful the summer heat wasn’t here to remind of who I wasn’t anymore.

    Mom’s hand on my shoulder should be comforting, but not even death could comfort me here.  We pulled up ten minutes ago, and I was already suffocating.

    “Kristen, don’t forget to unpack something nice to wear tonight.  The church is holding a community dinner in celebration of our return!”  Mom squeals.

    She was ecstatic to be back.  Her and my dad were high school sweethearts who met at Woodland High and married soon after graduation before my dad was shipped off to training in Albany.  This town was where their love story began, where I was born, and where my life ended.  A part of me died here, and I wanted her to stay buried six feet deep right where I left her.


Purchase links:

Amazon eBook Link: http://amzn.to/1N30kGi

Amazon Print Book Link: http://ow.ly/VwATs


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