I really need to start using my blog to update my readers on what’s going on in my writing world.  So, here’s my attempt at doing that.  🙂

As most of you know, my debut novel was A Life Unexpected:  A Holly Nather Novel.  In that series there are two other Novella’s in the point of view of Cohen Aberdeen and Aislen Denton.  In the end of Daughter of a Monarch (Aislen’s book), a fourth book is promised by the end of 2016.  Well, it’s basically the end of 2016 and that book is not ready to be released.  However, I am discussing the fate of this series with my publishers. So, for those of you who have asked about it, I honestly don’t know anything right now, but I promise to update you as I do!

My latest release, Summer Seventeen & You, is going to be a part of a series that can be read out of order.  I currently am working on the revision process of the first draft of the next book in the Stockbridge Series which is called, Under the Owl Tree.  I have no idea of a release date as of yet.

Right now, that’s all I got!  I hope all of you have a GREAT Thanksgiving!


❤ Sara


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