A letter to my teen self.

Dear Sara,

At thirty-one, you will have the most beautiful and loving family.  You will have two daughters who love unconditionally and bring so much joy to your life.  You will have a husband who loves you so deeply that you will wonder how you got so lucky to have a man like him to support you and do life with you.

At thirty-one, you will have accomplished SO. FREAKING. MUCH. And none of it was easy.  There were struggles but you overcame them because you learned that everything has to do with the state-of-mind you have and believing in yourself.  You will have a marriage of 13 years, be raising two kids who are smart and kind, have published several books, hold your Educational Specialist Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and have a Master’s in Special Education, you will be a middle school special education teacher at a school district that has always held a special place in your heart (where you graduated from) teaching English which is what you ALWAYS wanted to do, and you will have a support system from friends and family that is so strong it could shake mountains and know that there is NO WAY you could have done any of it without their support.

At thirty-one, you will be wiser.  You will have been through many trials and have overcome them.  You will be stronger for it and more cautious with letting people in. You have built walls at this point because you are no longer the girl who just smiles when she really wants to scream and yell.  You will have learned to speak your mind and tell those who have hurt you that they have done just that.  You won’t allow it anymore.  You will have learned that even if someone is family by blood, it doesn’t mean your relationship with them is salvageable.

At thirty-one, you will understand that the word sorry is just a WORD unless the intent and actions that follow it live up to the definition.  Because of this, you will be careful how you use that word and watch the actions of others who loosely throw that word around thinking it will fix everything.

At thirty-one, you will be a lover of coffee.  You will barely make it through the day if you don’t have a cup.  There will just be something about holding a warm cup in your hands and sipping the liquid gold.  You will be borderline obsessed but you won’t care. Coffee is life as far as you are concerned.

At thirty-one, you will wonder what the future will hold and yearn to travel the world even though you are deathly scared of airplanes.  Didn’t think that would happen, did ya?  You loved to fly, but after having kids, you’ve become more logical and think about every horrible thing that could happen because that’s what you do as a parent.  You love those little buggers so much that you worry about every. single. thing. and will tear apart every possible scenario so you can be ready if you need to protect them.  So…planes?…so much could go wrong and you HATE them.

At thirty-one, you will have so much more life to live and it will scare the mess out of you because you want to do it right.

You have so much more to learn.  Take a deep breath, let it out, and just LIVE.

You got this.


Your thirty-one-year-old self.





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