Daughter of a Monarch



Daugther of a Monarch


I tiptoe through the hall and peek into my parent’s room to make sure they’re asleep.  Yes!  I hurry back to my room and try to remember the spell my dad used to close the realm passage between here and Gaia.  What was it… Oh, I remember!  I quickly use my handy talent of breaking codes to release the spell.  My dad says I get that from my Uncle Brody, who passed away before I was born.

I smile inwardly as I feel the change in temperature and know I’ve successfully transported myself from Terre to Gaia.  I pull the ponytail holder from my wrist and quickly tie my hair in a loose bun.  I throw my shoes off and bury my feet in the warm sand.  Man, how I’ve missed this place!

They’d have to be crazy to think I wouldn’t figure out how to return, even though they locked down travel between the worlds again after they caught me sneaking here the last time.  I walk towards the water, and suddenly feel like I’m being watched.  Surely I haven’t been discovered already?!  I turn around and see someone walking in the distance.  I dart behind a tree and try to breathe as quietly and evenly as possible.

I watch as a male figure emerges from the woods and approaches the water.  He has really dark hair, and I catch a quick glimpse of his green eyes.  He must be one of the Fae my mother has told me about.  I try to teleport myself back to Terre, but for some reason, it’s not working.  Shoot!  I start to silently panic as he nears my location.  I look around for another place to hide, but there is nowhere else to go.

He looks around, and I know he can probably hear my ragged breathing.  I’m so nervous that I’m panting like I’ve run a marathon.  I do my best to stay hidden behind the tree, but he is getting closer and I’m shaking like a leaf.

He leans his back against the tree I’m hiding behind, and I instinctively hold my breath.  It doesn’t take long before I’m starting to feel lightheaded, and in my desperation for fresh air, it rushes from my lungs uncontrollably, completely giving me away.  He bolts away from the tree, whirling to look directly at me.

I smile sheepishly and wave like an idiot.  “Hi.”

“Who are you?!” he asks, studying my face and stepping closer.

“Ummm, it’s probably not a good idea for me to tell you that.”  My parents told me that the people of Gaia don’t like Versipellis, especially when they’re in Gaia.

He looks confused.  He shoves his hands in his pockets and mutters sullenly, “I didn’t think anyone else knew about this place.”

“Me either,” I say, walking out into the moonlight.

He smiles as he gets a better look at me.  He stretches out his hand.  “I’m Isaac.”

I shake his hand.  “And I’m lost.”

He laughs.  “I’ll help you find your way home if you tell me your name.”

“Aislin.  But you might have a hard time helping me find my way home.  Don’t worry.  My parents will be here any minute looking for me.  You might want to leave now, though, or they will probably kill us both.”  I laugh as I sit down in the sand and rest my chin on my hand.

“What part of Gaia are you from?” he asks, sitting down next to me.

“I’m kind of not from Gaia.  I’m actually from Terre,” I admit.

His eyes grow wide, and then he frowns a little.  “Terre?”

I laugh and bat my eyes.  “What, are you scared of a little ol’ Versipellis?”

He crosses his arms across his chest and stares at me.  “Aren’t your kind and our kind not supposed to cross over to each other’s worlds?”

I shrug my shoulders.  “That’s why you should probably leave.  When my dad finds me-”

AISLIN!”  Well, there’s my mother.

I stand up and wipe sand from my legs.  “Hello, Mother.”  She has her hands on her hips, and by the look on her face, I’ll never get to leave the castle ever again.

“Do you realize what I’m risking by coming here?!”  She is stomping toward me, and I have the sudden urge to run, but decide I better stay put.

I look away from her eyes.  “I’m sorry, I-”

SORRY?!  Aislin, we have told you repeatedly how dangerous it is to come here!  I should-” Her tirade cuts off abruptly as I watch her alarmed eyes glance over at Isaac.  She studies him intently for a brief moment; then her expression instantly goes soft.

“Mom?”  I’m worried about her sudden mood swing… she’s never this quiet when I’m in trouble.  For some reason, seeing Isaac shut her up, and although it’s weird, I can’t peel my eyes from the scene unfolding before me.

Isaac looks scared.  My mom is closing the distance between them.  Slowly.  And he is terrified.  I laugh a little at his panicked expression.  Isaac looks at me with alarmed eyes, and I laugh again.  My mom on a rampage would scare even the most fearless of tyrants.  I shrug my shoulders and watch as my mother continues to stare solemnly at him.

“What is your name?” she asks in a whisper, only inches from his face.

He stutters a bit before answering.  “Umm, Isaac.”  He takes a cautious step back, adding some precious inches to his unoccupied personal space.  Another laugh escapes my lips.

“Who is your father?” she pries further, her eyes searching his face intently.

“Cohen Aberdeen.”  I watch as my mom blanches at the sound of a man’s voice coming from a patch of tall grass behind her.

My mother turns her head slowly and claps her hand to her mouth as she gasps at the sight of this man.  When he walks out into the open and his gaze lands on her, his eyes widen in shock and awe.

“No way…” he chokes out.  Isaac and I exchange worried looks and then turn to watch the events transpiring between them.

My mom looks down at her feet and shakes her head.  Looking up at me, she says in a steady, forced-calm tone, “Aislin, we have to go.  Now!”

I rush to my mom’s side at the sound of fear in her voice.  “Mom, what is it?!”

“NOW!” she screams.  She turns to walk away, but is stopped by the man’s hand on her shoulder.

“Holly?” he asks, pleading.

She takes a deep breath and turns to face him.  “Cohen, you know I’m not supposed to be here.”

“Wait, you know him?!” I gulp, pointing to the newcomer.

I watch a single tear slide down his cheek.  “I can’t believe it!  I haven’t seen you in eighteen years!”

She hangs her head and sighs softly.  “1,200 years according to Terre’s time.”

“Luke?” he asks.

She laughs coldly and looks up at him.  “Is going to be very upset if he finds out I’ve been here.  I only came to get my daughter.  Now, I need to go!”  My mother grabs my hand, and I watch as a solitary tear slides down her cheek before teleporting us back to Terre.



“Daughter of a Monarch”

The Story of Princess Aislin Denton



7 thoughts on “Daughter of a Monarch

  1. I was so excited to find out there was a book coming out to let readers know more of Holy’s story. I can’t wait until it comes out. I loved the Holy Nather trilogy and Cohen’s Tale so I know this one will be just as good.

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