The Holly Nather Trilogy



“I had a great time!” I say with the sweetest smile I can manage. I’m only trying to be nice.  I had a horrible time.  As a matter of fact, this guy is quite possibly the biggest jerk I have ever met.

“So…can I c-” I slam the door in his face before he can even spit out the vowel.  Of course he can’t come in.  And yes, I do realize I am contradicting myself with my previous statement of “I had a good time”.  Oh well, it’s not like I will ever see him again.

As I begin to take off my jacket and boots, I see that my roommate is nowhere to be found.  HmmmShe must still be out with what’s-his-name.  I can never remember the guy’s name, which is sorry on my part, because he is a nice guy or at least appears to be.  I use the phrase, “appears to be”, because I am at a point in my life where I seriously doubt the existence of nice guys.  But, enough of the pity party over how every guy I seem to date ends up resembling the reeking material that both janitors and plumbers deal with on a daily basis.  You get my metaphor.  In summary, it is safe to say that my dating life really, really sucks.

I start to take off my clothes to change into some comfy pajamas when my cell phone begins to alert me that I have a text message in the most annoyingly, effective way possible. “Hey, hey, hey! You have text message!  Hey, hey, hey! You have text message!  Hurry, hurry!  See who it is!”, says my cell phone in a voice so high pitched that I’m a little shocked it didn’t induce ear bleeding.  I really do need to change that ring tone.  My brother, Max, changed it the last time I went home to visit.  I have been too lazy to change it to something less obnoxious.

—Hey Holly.  Can you meet me outside your dorm in 10 minutes? —

Huh, an unknown number? Um…Okay, person, no I will not meet you outside in ten minutes. I don’t even know you.  This person must have texted the wrong number, a wrong number that just happens to have the same name of the actual recipient.  Because, you know, that is definitely logical.  Oh well.

I begin putting on my pajamas when my phone starts up with that annoying ring tone again.  Okay.  I am seriously changing that!

—Please? —

Okay, you seriously have issues! What college girl (with any sense) would come outside to meet a person she doesn’t even know?  Seriously, you have some deep psychological issues!  The only person you should be meeting is a shrink.  DELETE and BLOCK!

Finally, I am able to put on some pj’s. It only took three ages. Now, time to change the ring tone back to a simple alert that won’t drive me insane. While doing this, though, I can’t help but think, who is this person texting me, and how do they know my number?  I don’t have many friends here; the school year just started.  So getting my number from someone here is impossible.  Isn’t Facebook more appropriate when trying to meet someone for the first time?  Texting someone you have never met at ten at night, and telling them to meet you outside is creepy! But now, after thinking about it, I’m really curious.  I get up and look out my dorm window, if you want to call it that; it’s small and broken, so you can’t even open it. I see a guy out there texting. I roll my eyes and sit back down.

I jump when Blayne, my overjoyed roommate, bursts through the door.  She is the definition of Hitler’s perfect race – a tall, blue-eyed blonde that every guy wants to put his hands on.

“Holly, there is a guy out there that asked me if I was your roommate, and I told him that I am.  He said to ask you to please answer his texts! Do you know him?” Blayne sounds way too excited about this. I roll my eyes again.

“Nope, and it’s kind of freaking me out…” I reply with a frown, looking out the window at him.

The street light outside my window is bright.  I squint my eyes as I observe this strange guy. He is wearing dark jeans, tennis shoes, and a black hoodie.  His hair is dark brown and shaggy like all guys hair seems to be right now.  What is the deal with the shaggy hair anyway? I always wonder how trends start.  However, I do find it attractive.

“Oh come on girl, text him back!  Obviously, he knows someone you know.  How else would he have gotten your number?  Just see who it is and what he wants! By the way, he is extremely hot!” Blayne is not smart.  She is boy crazy and would go out with someone she has never met as long as he is attractive. I haven’t known her for long, but I had pretty much figured that much out the first time we met.

“I’m not stupid.  If he wants to talk to me, he could do it in a less strange way. Like stopping me on the way to class.” Annoyance has started to find its way into my voice.  “Blayne, this is crazy, and I don’t feel like dying because I chose to talk to a person I don’t even know. It’s a scary movie scene waiting to happen.   I’m going to bed. I’ve had a long night.  Abel was a terrible date, and that is the last time I let you fix me up with someone!  Goodnight.”  As I say this, I turn my cell phone on silent and unblock his number.  Honestly, what could texting hurt?  I definitely won’t meet him outside. But, texting won’t hurt.  I have to admit – he has my attention.

Another text message comes flooding in as soon as I unblock the mystery guy.  Blayne heads out the door. I assume to use the bathroom and get cleaned up, since we don’t have a bathroom in our room. Bathrooms and showers are down the hall, which is really annoying for everyone in this building. They say you get used to it.  I probably never will.  Public shower = gross.

—Sorry.  I should have explained who I am.  My name is Luke, and this is my second year at Stanthum University.  I have seen you around campus and keep wanting to talk to you, but you always seem like you are in a hurry. I realize that my first text was inappropriate, and I should have introduced myself first. Can you at least text me back or add me on Facebook? My name is Luke Denton. —

Is that supposed to make you less strange? Look, you are right. Your first text was inappropriate, and this is not a good way to meet a girl.  First impressions are everything, and your first impression really sucks.  I would greatly appreciate you leaving from outside my window and losing my number also.  Thank you, and have a good night. —-

— Goodnight. —

Really. Seriously? Goodnight?  He replies with goodnight? Saying, “sorry I understand, and I will delete your number”, would be more appropriate. But, all he says is goodnight?  Now that Mr. Luke CREEPY Denton has made it impossible for me to fall asleep, I pull open my laptop and get on Facebook. I know, I know, but I’m curious! I have to see who this guy is and if he has any mutual friends.

I have tons of messages, all from my mom and dad.  I miss them so much!  But, I am on a mission.  I will read their messages later.  Time to look up my stalker.

Luke Denton, male, 20 years old, and Blayne was right – very attractive! He has dark brown, on-the-verge-of-being-black hair. It is long enough to be in his eyes a little and perfectly messy.  It sucks that he is so strange.  This is just my sort of luck.  He has some of the same friends as I do on Facebook, but that doesn’t really tell me anything because everybody has friends on Facebook, whether they are real friends or not.  I decide to be nosey and read some of his statuses.  As if what I’ve been doing isn’t already nosey.  Or slightly stalkerish… Which is exactly what I’ve been accusing him of doing…  No. This is completely different. I am merely gathering research. I scroll and read:

January 1st at 10:00 pm.  Woke up late this morning which sucks because I missed the test I studied so hard for. Yea right…

January 2nd at 3:30 pm.  I saw her again today.  Man, she is so pretty.  I wonder if she would ever notice me. Sorry for the status guys but I feel like thinking out loud today.


Lizzy Smith:  *inserts finger in mouth to create a gag reflex* Luke, you are so pitiful! Get off Facebook and go introduce yourself! Who is this girl anyway?  Didn’t you just break up with Laura?

Brody Matthews: You should be sorry for this status because it’s stupid. Luke, you seriously need a night out.  Text me later.

Laura Nelson:  Yes, Lizzy, we did break up. It was mutual though, no hard feelings.

Luke Denton:  Just speaking my feelings out loud. 3 words: Freedom of speech.  Oh and Lizzy, 4 words for you: none of your business.

Wow.  Is he talking about me?  How did he get my number? Did I mention he is really attractive? Okay. That doesn’t matter, but I’m just stating the facts.  He just broke up with this Laura girl and is already trying to hook up with someone new? She did say the breakup was mutual, but that’s what all girls say so they don’t look heartbroken.

—You really should set your profile to private.  Hasn’t anyone told you it’s not safe to put your info out there? —

—I thought you were going to bed. —

—Well this really strange person started texting me and has me really freaked out.  Now I can’t fall asleep. So thanks…—

­–Yes, that was stupid of me.  How about I find you on your way to class tomorrow so I can properly introduce myself? —

—You don‘t even know me.—

—You are right.  I don’t know you.  So, see you tomorrow? —

I don’t know what to say back.  I don’t know him, and he doesn’t know me.  He has seen me, and I’ve seen him. On Facebook and outside my window, that is.  Wait a minute! He knows what classes I have? He did say he would “find” me on my way to class.  If he is trying to succeed at annoying me, he is doing a damn good job.

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